UNLVino specialty Courses

Learn and Give back at the same Time

For the first time, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has created four courses in correlation with UNLVino. All proceeds from each class will benefit the students of UNLV's Harrah College of Hospitality. 

Whiskey vs. Whisky…What’s the Difference?

Wednesday, March 20 | 6-9PM | $125

Join Executive Director of Spirits Education for Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits Academy, Brian Van Flandern, as he explains the differences of various styles of whiskey/whisky throughout the world. Finally, whiskey/whisky is explained in an approachable fashion that will allow the average consumer to make an informed decision when ordering their favorite spirit. Called ‘America’s Top Mixologist’ by The Food Network, Brian will conduct a tasting of several whiskeys/whiskies from various geographies in this highly informative and tasty master class.

Hannah Bellemare.png

How Food Affects Wine — a Basal Flavor Tasting

Wednesday, March 27 | 6-9PM | $125

Join Swedish Gastro-Sommelier Hannah Bellemare, featured in Forbes Magazine, as she explores how flavors can dramatically affect the flavor profile of wine, and wine of food. There are estimated to be less than 50 Sommeliers in the world with disciplines in both wine and food. Take advantage of the rare opportunity to learn from Hannah as she shares with you how to apply the principles of flavor profiling to pair any food with wine… this is exciting and essential knowledge for gourmand amateurs, and experts alike!

champagne glasses.jpg

Get to KNow your sparkling wines!

Wednesday, April 10 | 6-9PM | $125

This foundation class will introduce you to the delightfully delicious world of magical bubbles! From Cremant to Cava, Prosecco to Spumante, and traditional production methods for Champagne, Dr. Murray Mackenzie, Wine Educator and Assistant Professor at UNLV College of Hospitality will take you on a journey in discovery this fizzy wonder. Understanding how sparkling wine is made, which grapes are used, and the regions from which they come from are essential parts of this educational course.